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We leverage various specialized research tools to extract greater value and original insights from big data sources:


Social Listening

Our Social listening tool allows us to analyze social media activity across topics, industries, geographies, gender, age, and other segments.


Web Scraping

Our web scraping tool automatically extracts massive data from a particular program (i.e. websites, social media channels, blogs, etc…) allowing us to quickly collect and process large amounts of information.

Our Methodology

  • Client briefing

    We connect with our clients to understand their needs and define a customized social listening search strategy. 

  • Execution

    Social media analysis using Brandwatch

    We leverage the industry-leading solution Brandwatch to screen inputs such as social users’ feelings, preferences, and interests via sentiment and trending topics analysis.

    Manual social media screening and classification

    We complement the tool-based investigation with a manual screening to ensure exhaustiveness and full accuracy.

  • Delivery

    We deliver the synthesis of our analysis with illustrative elements such as graphs and word clouds.



  • Comprehensive Data Sources

    We can screen activities on social networks, video platforms, review sites, and many other sources.

  • Varied Data Languages

    Advanced analytics such as sentiment analysis and topical analyses are available in 44 languages.

  • Strong Data Granularity

    We provide up to two years of historical data, with analysis available across various user segments (i.e.: gender, interests, profession, and location of authors, etc.) and granular geographic criteria (i.e.: at region, continent, country, state, city, town level, or even street-level views).

  • Efficient Results

    The data is already there; it is much quicker and cheaper than conducting a brand-new survey while avoiding many biases of market research (e.g.: geography bias, spontaneity of respondents, etc…).

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