How a retainer relationship works

With a retainer contract, Infomineo provides a group of analysts to act as an extension of our clients’ team, offering maximum transparency, efficiency, flexibility, and knowledge-sharing while minimizing the “transaction cost,” eliminating the need to negotiate a contract for every request.

We put in place a dedicated team for each client composed of:

  • A Manager who is the client’s main point of contact – He/she handles the requests, coordinates the staffing, coaches the team members, performs QA, and prepares a monthly reporting.
  • One or several analysts, translators and/or designers who deliver the hours of service the client has subscribed to.

With the dedicated teams, our clients have access to all of Infomineo’s resources and capabilities (tools, databases, experts etc…).

Most of the time the clients work with the same Infomineo team members, but they can be rotated as needed (for ex. for specific expertise, language skills etc…).

Beyond the retained capacity the client can subscribe to a monthly package giving them access to all of Infomineo’s other services. The package converts into Service Credits which they can use for either more capacity on the retained service or any other of Infomineo’s services.

The retainers start with a 3-month pilot period which then converts into a one-year contract.

What benefits are there in engaging Infomineo on a retainer basis?

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